Upcoming Mobile Trading Card Game Will Integrate Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

SoG Beta has been released!

The latest release brings you several new features: Mobile app, new User Interface (just a foretaste for the moment, it will be more polished and developed in the final release), cards leveling up and fusing system, off-chain and blockchain cards and several in-game currencies you are rewarded with.





Levels are placed at the map of Askian to show you your progress in the game. On the top you can see the amount of different in-game currencies you own: “Gold”, “Elemental Crystals” and “Gems” and the level of your Stamina just below. The menu is placed on the bottom: “Play” to access the game directly, “Team” to view, fuse and level up your cards or recompose your deck and “Summon” to obtain new cards.



You can sell, “crystallize”, your spare cards to receive “Elemental Crystals”. Those are obtained when destroying an enemy too. By spending “Elemental Crystals” you can upgradeyour cards to make them stronger. When a card reaches its maximum level, you can fuse it with an exact copy of that card, and then upgrade the new card again. The final evolution of a card can be blockchainized (will be available in the final release)and then traded outside the game, on the blockchain.

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