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asset exchangeCyrille Wetter, Business Manager and PR for Nxt explains.

Our website is all about Nxt and, particularly, its peer-to-peer Asset Exchange. We offer several tools to provide investors with the ability to analyze and (re-)evaluate their portfolio. Additionally, we host a faucet combined with an introduction to Nxt to attract newcomers.

We want to collect distributed information and present them in a meaningful form. This is especially important in a decentralized community such as Nxt. Our goal is to provide investors with all the financial information they need in one place. However, we do not give any investment recommendations since we believe in the uncensored decision-making by individual investors.

We are currently developing a tool to track a whole portfolio’s performance including dividend payments. This will give us the opportunity to combine several existing tools ¬†into one superior application. This means, that for now we are solely concentrating on Nxt and its features.

Our users are able to make decisions based on raw numerical facts about different assets issued on the Nxt Asset Exchange. Also, we provide newcomers with an introduction to Nxt, a small amount to get started from the faucet and a resources page to further explore the Nxt and digital currency universe.

When asked about advice for entrepreneurs in the digital space Mr. Wetter had this to say. “Planning is king. Before you start coding your project be sure to know what you want to offer and how. The closer your projects get to the release, the more tremendous are the results of possible changes to the base. Additionally, make¬† sure your first version is either absolutely finished or clearly marked as in beta.”

In case your business is a hobby/side project: frequently remind yourself that it is mostly about pleasure and helping others thrive. As soon as you pressure yourself too much, you will lose the passion and, ultimately, discontinue the business.

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