Searching For ‘Bitcoin’ & The Bullish Blockchain

Over the last year, google trends indicates a growing use of the word “blockchain”, while use of the word “bitcoin” has remained steady. This news will not come as a surprise to anyone who has been following this technology over the last two years.













The term “bitcoin” goes through fazes of popularity, and those trends could coincide with price fluctuations. For the past year it’s been mostly sideways. Trends show long term that bitcoin is growing.













At this point last year, though, “bitcoin” was being searched just as frequently as it is today.

The obsession with blockchain should be seen as a large buy signal for bitcoin, because it indicates that there is still confusion about where the big opportunities really lie – investors are still pouring money into fantasies.

A quick browse through bitcoin and crypto news outlets will leave the reader’s head spinning with visions of endless blockchain sugarplums out there to be plucked.  The future lies not in blockchain hallucinations, but in the real world capabilities of the largest computer network on the planet.


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