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Interesting Statistical Bitcoin Charts

Bitcoin & Blockchain Google searches:

How often people search for Bitcoin on Wikipedia:

LocalBitcoins volume charts:

Most wallet downloads of 2015 by country:

Bitcoin VC funding by year:

Mining pool distribution by year:

Volatility of bitcoin over time:

Bitcoin ATM charts:


Bitcoin Exchange Charts


Bitcoin Arbitrage Opportunities


Real Time Bitcoin Price Calculator


Bitcoin Education

Ecosystem infographic:

Bitcoin related tutorials, educational posts, reviews, and opinion articles:


Forums & Communities – –

Reddit Communities:

Bitcoin News Outlets – – –

The Daily Decrypt:


Brick & Mortar Stores Accepting Bitcoin



NXT  Websites

Official site:

Get your own NXT address:

Check your NXT account:


NXT Asset Evaluator 

Keep track of the best performing NXT assets:


NXT Forum & Communities –


NXT Portal & Plugins


News Outlets



Market cap rankings of assets & cryptocurrencies: –

Bitcoin pawnshop:

Bitcoin business directory & marketplace:

Cryptocurrency startups:

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