Tealet – Bringing Bitcoin to the Wholesale Tea Industry

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Digital Space Post caught up with Elyse Petersen, CEO of Tealet to discuss the benefits of accepting bitcoin in the marketplace. Ms. Petersen explains:

“Tealet is a direct trade marketplace for tea. Tea growers from rural communities around the world create profiles and sell their tea directly to buyers. Tealet handles the marketing, logistics, and payments so these transactions can happen seamlessly and transparently.”

Accepting and utilizing bitcoin is especially important for international payments and protects the business against charge-backs and credit card fraud. The full potential of bitcoin is only now being realized, so staying up to date on the community and development is a great investment for your business.

Elyse goes on to say: “Bitcoin transactions save us about 3% in fees compared to credit card transactions, so we offer a 3% default discount for all bitcoin transactions. Tea lovers from outside the US will also avoid currency exchange fees, so utilizing bitcoin as a payment method becomes a no-brainer.

The goal of Tealet is to bring the international tea business online with its platform. Ultimately, their looking to diversify into other commodity networks and build a transparent supply chain for all other world food systems.

When asked what advice she could provide to people that are interested in starting similar projects within the digital space, Ms. Petersen says:

Tealet CEO“Be patient. The world is full of many different perspectives, most are not ready to let go of conventional systems. Their perspectives are widening and will be ready for the value you have to offer in the next 2-5 years. Until then, build and most importantly, communicate. Don’t be afraid your idea could be stolen, especially if you have built a community around it.”


To find out more about Tealet visit their website.

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