Earn Bitcoins with Bitfortip

bitfortipPanagiotis Pollis from Bitfortip explains: “Bitfortip uses bitcoin in a unique way. It gives the motive for members to search for you in order to earn the bitcoin reward. You can offer a reward as low as 0.0001 BTC and ask members to find you a better price or deal for an item or service or find you information that you can’t find on your own.”

Sometimes a question or a query cannot be resolved with a simple internet search. What is better than having real people do the research for you with a small incentive? In this case, that incentive is bitcoin. That’s where Bitfortip comes in and in the end both parties will benefit.

The internet is a large landscape with vast amounts of information. Some people have a hard time finding the right search queries when looking for information which can create inaccurate results. Bitfortip connects digital industries with the correct people which can surely help in producing accurate results. It can also help people acquire their first bitcoin and spread the word of bitcoin to the world. People can save time and money by using Bitfortip. The act of tipping can help you achieve a much better result from the global community.

Bitfortip is aiming for the global market where everyone in the world can earn bitcoin, and people who tip bitcoins can benefit, too.

Please feel free to try Bitfortip today!

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