Cryptogrind: The Easy & Secure Freelance Service


Cryptogrind is a bitcoin freelance service platform similar to fiverr but using bitcoins for payments. Freelancers can post their profile and services at Cryptogrind and employers can post jobs which pay in bitcoin.

Freelancers can earn bitcoin, and employers can find talented individuals willing to exchange their skills for the digital currency.

Cryptogrind utilizes multi-signature bitcoin escrow, which provides security for freelancers and employers alike when working on projects. In basic terms, multi-signature bitcoin escrow protects the freelancer and the seller from losing their bitcoins.

When an escrow is created on Cryptogrind, both the employer and the freelancer receive a key and password via e-mail in order to sign the escrow and release the funds. Only once both the freelancer and the employer have signed the escrow, or used their keys will the funds be released. Optionally, escrow e-mails can be encrypted with PGP. multisiginfo

For extra protection, Cryptogrind also stores an encrypted version of a third key, in case of an escrow dispute. This means they can use their key to release the funds.

In an interview with Digital Space Post, the founder of Cryptogrind told us: “We’re looking to become one of the leading bitcoin freelance platforms on the Internet. With our clean materialistic design and easy to use interface, we’re trying to make bitcoin a valid asset for freelancers and employers to use.”

When asked about the advice they can give aspiring entrepreneurs, Richard the CEO had this to say: “Make sure they are comfortable and understand why digital currency can help their business. Perhaps seek out professional advice before starting to help understand if and why digital currencies will benefit them.”

If you haven’t checked out their website yet, head over to and sign up. Whether you’re an employer or freelancer, the platform has services which can benefit you and your business or project.

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