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First Bitcoin Prediction Contest Ends

The first ever bitcoin prediction contest held by Digital Space Post has concluded. We want to thank everyone who submitted a guess for the price of bitcoin on April 1st, 2016 @ 12:00am EST. We had over 150 entries and are thrilled to see such response from the community. The price of BTC when the

Tealet – Bringing Bitcoin to the Wholesale Tea Industry

Digital Space Post caught up with Elyse Petersen, CEO of Tealet to discuss the benefits of accepting bitcoin in the marketplace. Ms. Petersen explains: “Tealet is a direct trade marketplace for tea. Tea growers from rural communities around the world create profiles and sell their tea directly to buyers. Tealet handles the marketing, logistics, and – The NXT Hub for Asset Exchange Information

Cyrille Wetter, Business Manager and PR for Nxt explains. Our website is all about Nxt and, particularly, its peer-to-peer Asset Exchange. We offer several tools to provide investors with the ability to analyze and (re-)evaluate their portfolio. Additionally, we host a faucet combined with an introduction to Nxt to attract newcomers. We want to collect

Tendermint – The Operating System for Blockchains

Tendermint, an open source blockchain platform project, is moving into deployment phase with the help of top Bitcoin 2.0 marketing and public relations firm, The Vanbex Group. Tendermint removes the previous complexities associated with blockchain development so that large institutions, as well as, independent programmers can create their own blockchain technologies easily and efficiently. The

Upcoming Mobile Trading Card Game Will Integrate Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

SoG Beta has been released! The latest release brings you several new features: Mobile app, new User Interface (just a foretaste for the moment, it will be more polished and developed in the final release), cards leveling up and fusing system, off-chain and blockchain cards and several in-game currencies you are rewarded with.    

Premium Hardware Wallet KeepKey Partners with The Vanbex Group

The device takes control of the management of private key generation, private key storage, and transaction signing. A 12 word recovery sentence gives you access to your money if your device is lost or stolen. To top it all off, private keys made on the KeepKey device never leave the unit, reducing the possibility of theft.