Monthly Archive:: March 2016

Tealet – Bringing Bitcoin to the Wholesale Tea Industry

Digital Space Post caught up with Elyse Petersen, CEO of Tealet to discuss the benefits of accepting bitcoin in the marketplace. Ms. Petersen explains: “Tealet is a direct trade marketplace for tea. Tea growers from rural communities around the world create profiles and sell their tea directly to buyers. Tealet handles the marketing, logistics, and

Earn Bitcoins with Bitfortip

Panagiotis Pollis from Bitfortip explains: “Bitfortip uses bitcoin in a unique way. It gives the motive for members to search for you in order to earn the bitcoin reward. You can offer a reward as low as 0.0001 BTC and ask members to find you a better price or deal for an item or service

Cryptogrind: The Easy & Secure Freelance Service

Cryptogrind is a bitcoin freelance service platform similar to fiverr but using bitcoins for payments. Freelancers can post their profile and services at Cryptogrind and employers can post jobs which pay in bitcoin. Freelancers can earn bitcoin, and employers can find talented individuals willing to exchange their skills for the digital currency. Cryptogrind utilizes multi-signature